Friday, October 2, 2009

Baby Accessories Not Worth The Price

Now that our happy home is filled with the sounds of a screaming infant once again, I've pulled out the hand-me down accessories meant to soothe and quiet. Unfortunately, and it's all coming back to me now, not all of them work.

Case in point - the motorized swing. With several speed and recline settings, sounds like a good buy. But infants don't seem to dig it. (My 18-month old is now fascinated with it, more specifically falling out of it, but I digress.) After a very informal survey of my friends, I discovered that motorized swings didn't work for their kids either. Wish I knew that before. Could have saved 80 bucks!

Instead, and this was serendipitious, I found that my daughter is soothed best when I sit and lay her in the groove of my thighs and GENTLY bump her up and down. Similar to a motorized bouncer, but I'm not ready to invest in one of those yet. Plus, we don't have any more free floor space.

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