Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Little About Me

I'm a 31-year old stay-at-home mom, living in SE Alabama. Funny thing is 10 years ago, if you told me this is what I'd be doing, I would have laughed myself into a fit. Even more funny...I actually enjoy it. Don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those 'perfect' moms who has everything under control and actually looks good doing it. What I mean is, I love my husband and kids and am happy with my life.

My DH teaches at the local university and is a total tech geek. We have an 18-month old son and a 6-week old daughter. Before you ask, yes, this was planned. My husband and I are thinking that having them so close together may foster a strong relationship between them. Also, once we're done with diapers and late-night feedings...we're done! (That's the plan for now anyway. lol!)

I actually started this blog last year to discuss miscellaneous issues, but learned that my husband was my only follower. And I couldn't even get him to leave comments. (How lame is that?) Anyway, after complaing about some baby-related issues recently, he encouraged me to blog about them. Maybe this time, people will read my posts. (One can only hope.)

So, here's my second chance to make a first impression.

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