Sunday, October 11, 2009

Swine Flu Myths

I thought my compelling post about swine flu would have convinced the masses that the wisest course of action was to get vaccinated. However, the news report last night indicated that less than 60% of parents plan to do so. WHAT!?!

While my husband, son and I plan to get vaccinated, my eight-week old daughter cannot. And I know she receives my antibodies when she breastfeeds, but I don't plan to do that forever. (Come on!) Therefore, the 40+% of 'ostriches with their heads in the sand' are putting themselves, their children and my daughter at risk.

Ergo, my second attempt to convince you to get vaccinated involves sending you to link exposing the biggest myths about swine flu:

However, should this fail, please remember to practice good hygiene (i.e. washing hands WITH SOAP or sanitizing them) and better manners (i.e. coughing into your sleeves). Finally, please, PLEASE keep in mind, just because you see someone out with a baby, that is not an invitation to rush over and touch baby's cuteness (especially the face and hands).

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