Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kiddie Products That Work

I'm pretty critical of hoitie-toitie baby magazines that promote hoitie-toitie baby products which are oftem unnecessary and grossly overexpensive. I tend to weed through the bunch and decide what's worth my money. Typically that's anything I don't think is overpriced, which will make my life easier. I'm so excited to share one such product with you.

Custom Bumpy Name Orbit Labels from are fantastic! They can be customzied with baby's name and any other details thought necessary (there are also pre-printed labels for common names)and fit bottles, sippy cups and most other drinking apparatuses. They're great for identifying your kid's bottle/sippycup/whatever and hopefully will aide more sanitary practices at daycare. (When picking up my kids one day, a daycare aid began feeding one baby from another baby's bottle. In the germ-laden world that is the daycare nursery, that's a big no-no. At least for me.)

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