Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Scooting, Scoffing and Shut Up?

In proud mother news, my six-month old daughter is gearing up to scoot. (For those of you not familiar with baby jargon, this is a push forward method precursory to crawling.) Whenever she rolls on her tummy, she gets up on her hands and knees, raises her hips high in the air and rocks forward with gusto. Any day now, I'm expecting her to make real progress. But until then, she's happy enough to roll herself forward (or backward or sideways) to get where she wants to go.

My little girl has also decided she's old enough to sample a more sophisticated palette. Her means however, are anything but. The other day, after feeding her an obligatory jar of baby food for dinner, I let her sit back in her high chair, while I focused my attention on my meal. Forkfull of goodness stopped midair when my husband distracted me. Out of nowhere, a fat little hand forcibly pulled my fork to its owner's mouth. As if that didn't provide enough shock value, she then scoffed down the forkfull and eagerly anticipated more. I forget now what I made for dinner (although I'm pretty sure rice was involved - as it usually is), but since that happened, I'm letting her sample little bits of this and that if she's interested. And yes, she's normally interested. So far she's enjoyed pancake with syrup, pop tarts, bananas, apples, and tonight, she can try mashed potatoes. From scratch.

In other news, on Monday evening during dinner, my nearly two-year old son sat upright in his booster son, pointed his finger at me and yelled 'shut-up'. He immediately broke out in raucous laughter. I just sat there dumbfounded, not sure how to react. When I caught my breath, I simply ignored the comment, focused on my dinner once again and haven't heard 'shut up' since. I guess a non-response was the best response. I'm pretty certain he didn't pick this up at home as my husband and I take care not to speak to each other in that manner (at least in front of the kids). That leaves Sunday School, Daycare, playdates and tv. Does Elmo say 'shut up'? Either way it's a wake-up call that my kid is paying attention to words, their meanings and people's reaction to them.

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Anonymous said...

You have to be so careful around your kids and the language you use. It's amazing what they will indeed pick up and re-use. It can be even worse if they say things in the wrong context.