Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sitting Up and Leap Frogging

My darling daughter is now seven months. Hard to believe right! She is as sweet as her brother and just as precocious. (Don't I sound like the proud mama :)?)

Anyway, seems like last week, she's made tremendous progress. She's been able to sit up for extended periods for a while now. But usually, someone had to actually sit her up to begin with. Now, she can get to a sitting positon completely unassisted.

Then on the weekend, she began leapfrogging. Before that, scooting or rolling to whatever she wanted (usually one of her brother's toys or an unsupervised plate of food - seriously, this girl has a voracious appetite) sufficed. Then, visiting our neighbor who has a crawling, just about ready to walk, 10-month old was the catalyst to leapfrog to the next step. Quite literally.

As the adults chatted, both infants became enamored with each other and decided to size the other up. The 10-month old would crawl over to my daughter to get a good look, then retreat several feet away. Enough of this hide-go-seek game, my daughter decided to get her own good look. We all seemed to know when (and where) the girls moved, but assumed my kid had just rolled or scooted to her new position, and went back to chatting. But when they started playing again, we all kinda noticed my kid propelling herself forward in middair. Odd. A closer look revealed that she was actually leapfrogging. Huh?

My neighbor's Mom who also witnessed this, is convinced she's seen kids do this before and says it's a clear sign that these children will forgo the crawling stage and walk sooner than expected. Great, two kids roaming through the house getting into everything, one sooner than expected. Not sure if I'm convinced, but it sure makes a good story.

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