Wednesday, April 21, 2010

More Adventures in Potty Training

At my son's two-year check-up, I spoke with the pediatrician about the difficulties my husband and I are experiencing trying to potty train our kid. She recommended rewarding him with a special treat every time he sits on the potty. Our kids love M&Ms, so a plan was in motion. It did not take very long for the plan to morph into 'let me sit on the potty - just sit, no performance required - so these morons will give me candy'. Go figure.

So here we are, bare bottom toddler, mad dashes to the potty, super-sized candy jar, but still no progress. We do however have a toddler who is now super-sensitive to soiled diapers, and not afraid to shout it to the world. Case in point, the other evening during dinner (my husband conveniently decided to work late, and by this time I am most certainly exasperated). The conversation that took place next went a little like this...

Him: Mama!
Me: yes dear
Him: Mama!!
Me: yes dear
Him: Mama! Mama!! Mama!!! Mama!!!! (flings spoonful of rice)
Me: (long pause) what-is-it?
Him: WEE-WEE ALL DONE! (followed by a very proud look and huge grin)

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