Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Things Kids Get Up To

Few things shock and amaze me like some of the things my kids get up to. Case in point, the other day, while putting away groceries and sundries, I ignored a box of diapers in the corner of the kitchen. My kids were happily playing together (big plus), so I figured I'd use this rare opportunity to take care of the dishes before one of them screamed for me. I noticed my nine-month old break formation, only to get distracted a few feet away by some random toy. I guess I got momentarily caught up in the euphoria of a quiet house and cooperative kids, because the next thing I knew, I turned around to put away the box of diapers and found my daughter atop it reaching for something on the counter. Afraid to swoop in, creating panic and causing her to fall, I waited arms' length away and watched her work out in her little mind that the object was unattainable, then calmly climb down and crawl away. Whoa.

Not to be outdone, the very same week, my two-year old son noticed an old toy on the kitchen counter (what is it with their attraction to items on the kitchen counter?!?), and estimated that if he got a running start, he could scale the cabinet door and support his own weight to reach whatever his little heart desired. Double Whoa.

During my first pregnancy, my husband and I babyproofed the house per all the recommended books. When my son began crawling around nine months however, we quickly realized whatever we did was insufficient. Much to our friends' amusement, we temporarily sealed up the fireplace, rearranged (and packed away) lots of furniture, especially the ones with sharp edges and installed gates everywhere. Lots of folks think we're exaggerating, but they don't have our kids. My son, aptly nicknamed 'Monkey Boy' can scale anything. And apparently my daughter is earning the nickname 'Monkey Girl' or 'Monkey Boy's Little Sister' at the very least.

So my husband and I are brainstorming to decide the best course of action to take. Starting immediately, nothing of interest (for an infant / toddler anyway) will be placed on the kitchen counters. Think that will suffice? Knowing my kids, I think we'll be brainstorming a while.

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