Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Who's Potty Training Whom?

The wierdest thing happened the last two days. My two-year old son actually asked to be sat on his potty after his morning milk. If you know my kid and the potty training struggles my husband and I have gone through, you'll understand why this is so huge for us. Anyway, my kid insists on sitting on his potty, making excellent use of the deflector shield, and actually contributing 1/20 of his woo woo's. For some unknown reason, the remaining 19/20 has to be placed in his diaper. But hey, progress.

This brings me to another, but related topic, my utter frustration with diaper genies. Years ago, my Mom said if a company makes subsequent versions of a product, the original is useless. Guess Mom was right...again. (Don't you just hate having to say that?) After two years of overpaying for diaper genie refills which only partially mask (not eliminate) odors, I'm done with storing rotting piles of stink. IMHO emptying the trash daily is a much better alternative. No wonder you can find these things in abundance at any thrift shop. Yuck! Guess we'll see how effective the Diaper Genie II is when the Diaper Genie III enters the already oversaturated baby product market.

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