Friday, July 2, 2010


What a rollercoaster week. To start, my kids were mid-recovery from some unknown bug probably contracted at daycare last week. (So unknown, every test known to man came back negative.) As girls often do, my daughter recovered first and was able to attend daycare this week. My son, who spends most days bullying his sister, missed her terribly. He kept asking where she was and if we could pick her up. Nearly broke my heart. But then he would do something he knew he shouldn't and the warm and tingly would vanish. Shoop! That is until he started feeling ill again and wanted me to hold him and rock him back to sleep. Poor thing.

On Wednesday however, we had the biggest high. My 10-month old daughter is walking!!! Yay! She beat her brother by nearly two months. Girls rule! Granted, my little tot's steps are generally motivated by food (once she spots something tasty, it's do or die till she gets it) or anger (big brother made me mad and I want Mommy now!), but still, an amazing feat. I'm so very proud of her.

Yesterday, my son was actually well enough to attend daycare, but I kept him one one more day kinda because I enjoyed the mommy and son time, and kinda because he did to. But really because he still had a little bit of a rash (leftover from the virus), it was in everyone's best interest to do so. In the afternoon, we visited a friend of mine, who invited us to pick peaches from her very heavy laden tree. My son totally enjoyed this experience. My friend's backyard is similar to a national park. It's about an acre and every square inch is planned and decorated with trees and ornamental plantings to the nines. To top it off, is a homemade swing in a back corner, which of course my son enjoyed. When it was time to leave, and collect my daughter from daycare, there was major resistance. In fact, my little boy, who only hours ago was nagging for his sister replied, 'no, don't get baby...too early'. Would have been cute if we weren't running so darn late.

All in all, we're happy and healthy and have two wonderful kids who fill our days with so much adventure and emotion, we could open a theme park. Ain't life grand?

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