Saturday, July 31, 2010

Take My Breath Away

I had a few really cool Mom moments yesterday. The most profound began with me sorting laundry. Drowning in heaps of dirty and unfolded clean laundry, I was finally forced to tackle the issue, which I did in my master bedroom as my kids littered the floor with toys and toddler what-nots. While enjoying smelling underwear as a pre-requisite to sorting, I noticed my 11-month old daughter wander into our cavernous bathroom. She was already at the water closet when I called for her to come back. My two-year old son hearing this, dropped his toys, ran over to his sister, gingerly took her by the hand and led her back to me. He then ran back to the water closet, closed the door, returned to his toy and commenced play. I was astonished and oh so proud.

The second happened later that afternoon. My son ran over to his toy box and emptied it out, searching for his favorite trucks. Upon locating them, he ran to a far away corner to make sure he could play undisturbed. My daughter strolled over to the overturned toy box (which is plastic by the way), set it straight, sat down next to it, and one by one, placed each toy back inside. Either this is some developmental stage my son never reached, or she spends waaaaaaaaaaay too much time watching me clean up. Or perhaps this is instinctual and all little girls inately know that they have to clean up after the men in their lives. Too far? Won't be the first time. In any event, this is just another example of how much my daughter pays attention to what goes on around her and later emulates behavior.

And thirdly, while singing to my kids over dinner (a usual practice in our house when mac and cheese isn't on the menu and the poor substitute requires distraction to be edible), I noticed firmly that my daughter knows the cues for when to clap, when to say 'yay', and when to bob her head. There were signs before now, but almost overnight, subtle cues matured into definitive actions. As my husband would say 'our kids are prodigies'. But which parent doesn't think that?

Three very long paragraphs later, my point is this...yesterday was an awesome day to be a mom. My little munchkins took my breath aaaaaaway-aaaaayyyyy-aaaaaayyyyyy-aaaaaayyyyy. Too far again? Sorry.

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