Friday, August 6, 2010

Grand Parents and Technology vs. Grand Parents and Keeping It Together

My Mom is visiting for a few weeks, which means lots of free babysitting. Today at the hair salon, I get a call from her and my two-year old, regarding his 40-minutes of dvd after nap time. I'd set up Sesame Street's Guide To Life before I left, but my little tyke wanted to watch Thomas and Friends. No big deal, just switch dvds right.

After 10 minutes of trying to explain where the open/close button is to my Mom over the phone, it hit me, just ask my two-year old to do it. One nanosecond later, it was done and everyone was happy. Especially the other women in the salon within hearing distance of my phone call.

That said, some five hours later (its been a while since my last salon visit), I got home expecting to find two extremely hyper toddlers and one very worn out grandma. Imagine my surprise when I found both kids bathed and fed, toys cleaned up and an air of calm. Spooky.

Grandparents may not be hip with the latest gadgets or even cool jargon, but they sure are handy where it counts. And my kids have some of the best around.

Did I seriously use the words 'cool' and 'hip'?!? How dated is that!!! Oh God, please don't let me become one of those grandmas who thinks she cool and hip because she says 'cool' and 'hip', but just embarasses her grandkids.

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