Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wee Wee in the Potty

My son is now 29 months and still fighting us on using the potty. But every now and then, we have a breakthrough.

I've had to resort to some creative measures to get him to agree to sit on the potty. The most successful one is putting the potty in the living room or the master bedroom near the tv, and letting him sit on it while he watches one of his favorite cartoons. The next successful one is letting his one-year old sister sit on the potty first. You can guess what happens next.

This morning after breakfast, we're all getting ready to start our day. I generally know the times of my son's bowel movements, and sat him down during Playhouse Disney. So he's sitting on it bare bottom singing the 'Hot Dog' song when he shoots up and semi-squats in front of me.

Me:    What's wrong?
Him:   I have to wee-wee (strained look on his face)
Me:    Then sit down on the potty and wee-wee it in there! [insert the audacity of hope here]

In a matter of seconds I swooped him up, sat him down and placed his pee-pee under the deflector shield. Then we waited. First, there was a little psssssss. My son looks up and smiles, then lets loose a longer one. 'All done' he proclaimed, then ran off bare bottom, little pee-pee dripping, to inform his Dad that he'd used the potty.

What an awesome start to the day.

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