Thursday, October 7, 2010

Long Overdue Update

It's been a while since my last post, and so much has happened developmentally with the kids since then.

Potty Training Achieved!!! Well, not quite, but we're 60% there. My son does his wee-wees consistently in the potty, everyday. He even held it in twice until we got home. Ggrant it, we were not that far away, but how amazing is that?!?

Speech wise, his vocabulary has increased exponentially. He holds conversations with adults about anything and everything, tells my husband and I how his day went, and even came home with a knock-knock joke the other day, Wait for it...

Him: Knock-knock
Me:  Who's there?
Him: Monkey
Me:  Monkey who?
Him: Monkey who who who ah ah ah
Raucous laughter.

My daughter is also doing her best speech wise. She can say a number of words now including mama, dada, grandpa, juice, cow, moooo. But her favorite by far is 'bye-bye'. She says this as she circles around the living room, purse in hand, and looking back periodically to make sure we're watching her. She's the sweetest.

In other areas, she has a voracious appetite and will eat just about anything regardless of food category and texture. This is a dream for me as I am used to her older brother rejecting fruits, vegetables and anything moist and squishy.

This fall, the kids attend a new Mother's Day Out program. My son adjusted easily, although he still asks for some of his old friends. My daughter however is still adjusting to no morning nap on school days, but getting better. They're learning a lot and I have tons of class projects to share with their doting grandparents. Makes up for all the junk daycares require parents to sell to subsidize their program. But I digress.

The kids enjoyed a visit from my Dad last month. He built a swingset which they use everyday and had all the energy in the world to run around after them ad nauseum. No doubt he's still home recovering.

The last few months have been good. Busy, but good. We're looking forward to the holidays and the excitement of enjoying them with our chickadees.

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