Friday, November 12, 2010

Hiding Spaces

Take a good look at this bank of drawers in my kitchen. Pretty straightforward right? Holds all the usual stuff like cooking utensils, pot holders, towels and the like. Let me tell you what else it holds.

Early this year, I bought my son his standard tennis replacement from Walmart - [then] size 5 Winnie the Pooh. In a few weeks, one foot went missing. I searched the entire house top to bottom - under beds, back of closets, behind the stove - washing machine - dryer, garbage bins, recycling, hampers, you name it. My husband insisted our son probably put it in the trash, which was picked up long before we noticed its absence. I didn't think this was possible as I had already learnt to check the trash for toys and whatnots. So for about nine months, I kept the remaining foot on the shoe rack in our mud room, fully expecting to come across it in time.

About a week ago, frustrated by growing clutter all around, I determinedly attacked the clutter hot spots. I came across the remaining tennis shoe and hesitantly threw it away. My son had long outgrew it, but I had hoped to donate the pair to a thrift shop for another little boy to enjoy. Then, I rolled the trash curbside for collection the next morning.

Literally the very next night, my son came running to me for help. He placed a toy too far back in one of those kitchen drawers and it fell behind the frame. No worries. I pulled out all the drawers to reach it. That's when I saw it...the other tennis shoe.

I also found crayons, coins and a holiday potholder circa 2008 that I conviced myself I must not have purchased afterall.

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