Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Terrible Two's

Ah, the terrible two's phase has arrived with a bang. Right on schedule.

My two kids (ages 2 years and 8 months) attend a weekly playgroup with two other kids approximately the same age. This is never a smooth process of course as toddlers are not prone to share and occassionally feel the need to cling to Mama. This by itself is ok. But, throw a few tantrums in there and it's the perfect storm.

So yesterday we're at playgroup at the other Mom's house. Things started ok. Both toddlers were really excited to see each other, which of course got me really excited that I might have the opportunity to enjoy some adult conversation. (In retrospect, I should have known better.) Within minutes, my son throws a tantrum because I wouldn't give him my coffee mug. So I ignore it as I normally do, which normally works. After a few minutes, he didn't let up, so I put my daughter down and got him. After a few minutes of Mommy time, he apparently felt well enough to try to hug and kiss his buddy's little sister. He absolutely adores babies, but can sometimes get too rough, which is why the other Mom placed the little girl in a nearby pack-and-play. This went ok, until his buddy tried to peek in at her little sister. My son went beserk! As far as he was concerned, there was to be absolutely no touching the pack-and-play, no coming near the pack-and-play, and no looking too closely at the pack-and-play. Not wanting to be a helicopter Mom, I watched a minute to see how this would play out, but was forced to intervene when my son began chasing his buddy around the living room - away from the pack-and-play. Obviously it was time to leave (some 30 minutes later), but trying to corral my kid to and in the car triggered another tantrum. Could this be any more embarassing?

After apologizing profusely to the other Mom (yesterday and today), I put my tail between my legs, and drove the long way home to give everyone time to calm down. Afterward, my kid was ok. We had an appropriate two-year old talk and I'm pretty sure he understood coming home early was punishment for being rude.

So what triggered this fiasco in the first place? I can only imagine he inadvertenly transferred his protective attitude toward his sister to the other little girl. (He hates other kids messing with his sister.) Or perhaps he's acting out because he thinks his sister is getting too much attention. I don't know. I do know that he's never been that worked up and I hope it never happens again Especially in public.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

More Adventures in Potty Training

At my son's two-year check-up, I spoke with the pediatrician about the difficulties my husband and I are experiencing trying to potty train our kid. She recommended rewarding him with a special treat every time he sits on the potty. Our kids love M&Ms, so a plan was in motion. It did not take very long for the plan to morph into 'let me sit on the potty - just sit, no performance required - so these morons will give me candy'. Go figure.

So here we are, bare bottom toddler, mad dashes to the potty, super-sized candy jar, but still no progress. We do however have a toddler who is now super-sensitive to soiled diapers, and not afraid to shout it to the world. Case in point, the other evening during dinner (my husband conveniently decided to work late, and by this time I am most certainly exasperated). The conversation that took place next went a little like this...

Him: Mama!
Me: yes dear
Him: Mama!!
Me: yes dear
Him: Mama! Mama!! Mama!!! Mama!!!! (flings spoonful of rice)
Me: (long pause) what-is-it?
Him: WEE-WEE ALL DONE! (followed by a very proud look and huge grin)

Miles of Milestones

This post is a bit late, but still, I want to announce that my daughter is most definately crawling. It's been a few weeks now, and in the time since the last post, she's gained super-freaky-human speed.

Tap-tap-tap-tap. Boom. Whaaaa-aaaaaa. These are the sounds permeating our home now. Like her brother, my little girl is a jr. investigator. Also like her brother, she often gets into things she shouldn't.

The most interesting part of this latest development however is that it's a lot more difficult for my son to hog his toys. Long gone are the days of bullying her to give up a toy and running away, leaving a shell-shocked baby in the dust. Now, she can follow him and try her darndest to grab it back. Sucks for him.

My little girl is also pulling up onto anything solid and doing a great job of supporting her weight on her itty bitty feet. It's really impressive. I'm so proud of her. This of course means I now have two kids (two and under) to keep an eye on. Sucks for me.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

What's The Big Idea

For the last few months, my Mom has been insisting that it's time to potty train my son. Never short on advice, she added that the best way to do this is to let him run around bare bottom for a few days. Apparently, she employed this method on me, my brother and my nephew, with marvelous results. (I can attest to its success some 29 years later.)

My husband and I (who are complete clean freaks) have been postponing this naked task, more so because we dread the clean-up, than the process. However, after my husband's co-worker confirmed the success rate of the bare bottom method, we reluctantly agreed to give it a try.

The idea behind this insanity is that toddlers are aware of the tingling sensation prior to a wee-wee or woo-woo, and realizing there is no catchall, head straight for the potty. Seems like a logical conclusion to me. But as I've learnt, there are no logical conclusions with toddlers.

Tonight after my son's evening milk, I took off his diaper, placed the potty in the living room and waited. For the next 30 minutes, my husband kept rolling his eyes, groaning and shouting whenever I veered more than one square foot away from our son - guess I got the job of toddler-placement-to-prevent-accident guard. The most excited one in the room was our son, who thought his potty's new location was stellar, followed by our daughter who throughly enjoyed watching her brother trying to figure out the 'deflector shield'. Then it happened.

Pssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhht. While watching the sprinkler from the kitchen door, I heard a very short flow of wee-wee. My startled kid, looked down, looked at me, then let loose another short flow of wee-wee. I'm not entirely sure why I didn't react and place him on the potty, which was less than two feet away, but I think it was because I was in shock about what happened next. The little tyke let loose the rest of his wee-wee, then started stomping in it like he would a rain puddle with the largest grin on his face. Horrified, I pulled him away and tried to figure out which mess I wanted to tackle first - the floor or my kid.

The only saving grace tonight was that his accident (at least the first third) was on tile and not carpet. This however in no way negates the disaster. I actually think my son would love if we let him run around bare bottom. Are we going to try this again? I honestly don't know. Definitely no time soon.