Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wee Wee in the Potty

My son is now 29 months and still fighting us on using the potty. But every now and then, we have a breakthrough.

I've had to resort to some creative measures to get him to agree to sit on the potty. The most successful one is putting the potty in the living room or the master bedroom near the tv, and letting him sit on it while he watches one of his favorite cartoons. The next successful one is letting his one-year old sister sit on the potty first. You can guess what happens next.

This morning after breakfast, we're all getting ready to start our day. I generally know the times of my son's bowel movements, and sat him down during Playhouse Disney. So he's sitting on it bare bottom singing the 'Hot Dog' song when he shoots up and semi-squats in front of me.

Me:    What's wrong?
Him:   I have to wee-wee (strained look on his face)
Me:    Then sit down on the potty and wee-wee it in there! [insert the audacity of hope here]

In a matter of seconds I swooped him up, sat him down and placed his pee-pee under the deflector shield. Then we waited. First, there was a little psssssss. My son looks up and smiles, then lets loose a longer one. 'All done' he proclaimed, then ran off bare bottom, little pee-pee dripping, to inform his Dad that he'd used the potty.

What an awesome start to the day.

Friday, August 27, 2010

A Princess and a Prince

My daughter turned one on the 17th, and we celebrated with a Princess Party last Saturday. I've said it before and I'll say it again... I luv, luuuuv, luuuuuuuuuuvvvvvvv kiddie parties. They are so much fun and are filled with all the innocence youth can hold.

We had our regulars over, along with a few friends who drove 3-4 hours one way, to spend two hours with us. How sweet is that?!? But the best part was having my Mom there. Our folks all live abroad and are almost always absent from event photos. At last we can look upon these ones and see a grandparent. Priceless.

As much fun as the party was, the entire day was a roller coaster of emotions and activity. Saturday morning was exceptionally rushed. My darling husband decided to take a work trip and fly in on the last flight the night before, against my advice. Well of course his flight got cancelled and he didn't make it home until 12noon Saturday morning. (Lucky for him the party was scheduled for 2:30pm, or this post would be about an entirely different subject.) To top that off, he had to rush into work clothes and start mowing the lawn pronto. Maybe next time he'll listen to me. Thankfully my mom kept the kids occupied while I cleaned and cooked and decorated.

The princess theme was everywhere. (Ah the lives we live vicariously through our kids.) There was a Cinderella cake featuring Prince Charming placing the infamous glass slipper on Cinderella's foot, a rainbow of tiaras and princess wands. And of course my beautiful daughter dressed as a princess in a pink tutu and glittery pink ballerina shoes (sounds like a ballerina getup, but it looked princess-ey). There were also a number of helium baloons featuring the Disney princesses, including the newest one, Princess Tiana. What I didn't know until reviewing the pictures later was that sometime during the party, a sudden summer storm appeared out of nowhere and blew several away. Guess that's a good thing or I would have freaked out even more than normal.

During that short storm when lightning whipped the sky and the thunder roared, we ushered everyone inside. That was ok (as we planned to steam clean the carpet later anyway) until I brought out the food. In retrospect, I suppose it would have been better to wait until things calmed down outside, instead of feeding excited toddlers cookies and pb&j sanswiches on my beige carpet. But it all worked out as every stain came out.

The storm died down as quickly as it appeared, so we trekked back outside for the cake cutting. My daughter however was more interested in chasing her brother and a basketball in her killer outfit, than smooshing her cake all over the place, so we were only able to keep her for a minute for a few photo ops. What can I say, it was her day, she could do whatever her little heart wanted.

As for the presents, I ended up opening them with a little friend of my daughter's, for the same reason. Although my son was nice enough to join us for a few pictures when one of the presents caught his eye.

Some two hours later after everyone left, my kids were still chasing each other around the house. My son kept singing Happy Birthday to his sister, as she continued to wear her crown and use her princess wand as a teething ring. As I watched this exchange, I couldn't help but wonder if my kids are princess and prince, does that make me Queen?

Friday, August 6, 2010

Grand Parents and Technology vs. Grand Parents and Keeping It Together

My Mom is visiting for a few weeks, which means lots of free babysitting. Today at the hair salon, I get a call from her and my two-year old, regarding his 40-minutes of dvd after nap time. I'd set up Sesame Street's Guide To Life before I left, but my little tyke wanted to watch Thomas and Friends. No big deal, just switch dvds right.

After 10 minutes of trying to explain where the open/close button is to my Mom over the phone, it hit me, just ask my two-year old to do it. One nanosecond later, it was done and everyone was happy. Especially the other women in the salon within hearing distance of my phone call.

That said, some five hours later (its been a while since my last salon visit), I got home expecting to find two extremely hyper toddlers and one very worn out grandma. Imagine my surprise when I found both kids bathed and fed, toys cleaned up and an air of calm. Spooky.

Grandparents may not be hip with the latest gadgets or even cool jargon, but they sure are handy where it counts. And my kids have some of the best around.

Did I seriously use the words 'cool' and 'hip'?!? How dated is that!!! Oh God, please don't let me become one of those grandmas who thinks she cool and hip because she says 'cool' and 'hip', but just embarasses her grandkids.