Friday, October 29, 2010

Is Halloween Still A Pagan Holiday

I'm not sure how I feel about Halloween as a kids' holiday. As a little girl, my minister always scared the bejesus out of us with stories of devil worship and child sacrifice. Doubtful that really still happens, but super effective. After getting married and migrating to the Bible Belt, I was super shocked to learn that Halloween is celebrated as a kids' holiday here under the psuedonym Fall Festival.

Before havings kids, I really didn't give it that much thought, but once the munchkins came along, everything became a behavioral analysis. Ultimately, I think there are good points to these Christian Fall Festivals:
  1. It's a fantastic opportunity to bring families together in a relaxed atmosphere and just let kids be kids. As I type this, I'm seeing my husband sliding down the humungous bouncy after our two kids, all three grinning from ear to ear.
  2. The holiday is spent on church grounds with adequate supervision, instead of getting into pranks with friends around the neighborhood. Has your house been TP'd lately?
  3. The church is moving past the horrors of Halloween past and creating a new family-friendly holiday.
I understand the criticisms of the latter, specifically the desensitization of pagan worship theoritically enforcing its future acceptance, but perhaps this is a bit extreme. Right now, all my kids understand about Fall Festival is that they get to play games and bring home a ton of candy. As they get older, I think it is important to explain the holiday's origin so that they can understand the church's current position.

Not everyone will agree with my MO and that's fine. We all raise our kids based on our personal beliefs and hope we're doing the best job we can. And if at some point in the future, I think there's something askew, I can always choose not to let my kids participate.

Night Time Ritual

I'm lucky enough to get the bedtime 'bye-bye' every night when I put my daughter to bed. In fact, I get it twice; the first when I put her down, and the second as I leave the room and close the door. It's soooooo sweet. I hope this lasts for the next 17 years.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Sunday, October 24, 2010


This was too sweet not to share...

Our church had its annual Fall Festival this afternoon and we had a blast, especially the kids. They were so worn out when we finally got them home, they were fed, bathed and ready for bed in no time. As I kissed my daughter and lay her in the crib, she looked up at me, waved and said 'bye-bye', then lay back down and went right to sleep. How cute was that.

Shame On Me

One of those funny, but not really funny stories...

Yesterday morning while driving with the kids, I came across three hideously large vultures eating some poor unrecognizeable animal in the road. To no one in particular, I asked 'what the hell is that?!?', referring of course to the carcass. My son in all his innocence, answered very sweetly, 'I don't know what the hell that is mama'.

Moral of the story...'children learn what they live'. No more minor expletives for me.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Long Overdue Update

It's been a while since my last post, and so much has happened developmentally with the kids since then.

Potty Training Achieved!!! Well, not quite, but we're 60% there. My son does his wee-wees consistently in the potty, everyday. He even held it in twice until we got home. Ggrant it, we were not that far away, but how amazing is that?!?

Speech wise, his vocabulary has increased exponentially. He holds conversations with adults about anything and everything, tells my husband and I how his day went, and even came home with a knock-knock joke the other day, Wait for it...

Him: Knock-knock
Me:  Who's there?
Him: Monkey
Me:  Monkey who?
Him: Monkey who who who ah ah ah
Raucous laughter.

My daughter is also doing her best speech wise. She can say a number of words now including mama, dada, grandpa, juice, cow, moooo. But her favorite by far is 'bye-bye'. She says this as she circles around the living room, purse in hand, and looking back periodically to make sure we're watching her. She's the sweetest.

In other areas, she has a voracious appetite and will eat just about anything regardless of food category and texture. This is a dream for me as I am used to her older brother rejecting fruits, vegetables and anything moist and squishy.

This fall, the kids attend a new Mother's Day Out program. My son adjusted easily, although he still asks for some of his old friends. My daughter however is still adjusting to no morning nap on school days, but getting better. They're learning a lot and I have tons of class projects to share with their doting grandparents. Makes up for all the junk daycares require parents to sell to subsidize their program. But I digress.

The kids enjoyed a visit from my Dad last month. He built a swingset which they use everyday and had all the energy in the world to run around after them ad nauseum. No doubt he's still home recovering.

The last few months have been good. Busy, but good. We're looking forward to the holidays and the excitement of enjoying them with our chickadees.