Thursday, March 17, 2011

Crisco in the Bedroom

Catchy title huh. Too bad it's not what you think.

I think I've mentioned refinishing a dresser for my daughter's room. Well, my husband decided to 'help' and against my wishes, painted the inside of the frame and the drawers' exterior. Of course putting the drawers back in the frame didn't work as this is an old homemade dresser with no metal rails. The paint just jammed the fit too tight.

So I'm looking at this thing and really not wanting to sand down the interior. First of all, just too much work. It already took a year to get to this point. And secondly, it wouldn't look finished anymore. I know, I know, who looks at the inner workings of a drawer? I do!

Then it hits me. I have a tub of Crisco in the pantry and a hankering to experiment. I glob the stuff on the wood tracks and say a prayer. Worked like a charm. And now I can tell the story of how I used Crisco in the bedroom. :)

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