Wednesday, April 13, 2011

'All Done Potty'

I'm so proud of my 18-month old baby girl. After weeks of sitting her on the potty and entertaining her ad nauseum to get her to stay, I was rewarded with a 'deposit' this morning.

Unbeknownst to me she did her wee-wee, grabbed her diaper off the floor, then stood up and said 'all done potty'. I figured she was just done sitting there, but when I looked down I couldn't have been more excited to clean up someone else's pee.

Now that I've figured out her morning timing, just need to work on the rest of the day.

In other potty news, we've reached an impasse with my son and his refusal to put his woo-woos in the potty. So I've ordered Thomas the Train cotton underpants to combat his stubborness. Knowing how much he hates waddling around in nasty training pants, these should really light a fire under him. Guess we'll see.

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New Mama (Again) said...

As anticipated, the cotton underpants are doing their job. Here's to hoping I can stop buying diapers for at least one kid this month.