Tuesday, May 10, 2011

PreSchool End of Year Program

Tonight was the kids' End of Year program at their preschool. I was so proud of my kids.

My son's two-year old class sang This Little Light of Mine, and while my son mostly stood on stage looking around (as did most of his classmates) he stuck it out. Unlike one little boy who spotted his Mama and high-tailed it wailing all the way.

After their number, the two-year old class sat in a corner on stage while the one-year old class stepped up to sing Jesus Loves Me. And my little darling daughter stole the show. She was the only kid all night who accurately made all her hand gestures and even added a few dance moves. It took all I had not to shout "THAT'S MY KID!!!".

Now my son, who was more comfortable sitting while his sister performed, sang along with them. Go figure, but that's my boy.