Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Whoever Said TV and Bribery is Bad for Kids Obviously Doesn't Have Kids.

***I need to preface this post my letting you know that Finding Nemo is my three-year old son's new favorite movie.***

Earlier this summer, the DH and I promised our boy a fish tank with a Nemo (Clown) fish and a Dory (?) fish if he puts three consecutive woo-woos in the potty. No-go until today when he told me he had a woo-woo coming and proceeded to the bathroom. I followed, not really expecting anything, but was pleasantly suprised when he followed through. It is impossible for anyone reading this to comprehend my joy. Immediately he informs me he's ready for his fish tank, fish and even tries to negotiate a whale. After Mommy-sized congratulations and a definite no on the whale, I let him know that he has to put two more in first. This obviously did not go over well but was great motivation for the task at hand.

After putting the kids down for a nap, I expected a few hours of me-time to prep dinner, clean, etc. Five minutes of bliss later, I hear 'Mommy, I have to do a woo-woo'. Knowing this wasn't possible, I left him alone hoping he would drift off to sleep. One hour later, after several renditions of various kiddie songs and hearing toys bouncing around the entire time, his woo-woo plea comes over the monitor again. This time I go in thinking maybe it was legit. False alarm. Just a shrewd negotiator trying to take a short-cut.

This went on pretty much all afternoon:
  1. My son would announce his need to woo-woo in the potty.
  2. He'd race to the bathroom, take off his big-boy underpants and sit.
  3. Five minutes later insist he's met his quota and wants to go to the fish store.
Fun times.

My little boy is pretty much a one woo-woo a day kid. So we'll see what happens tomorrow and Thursday. But I've never been more excited to go out and spend money. Even if it is on fish we're not going to eat.


New Mama (Again) said...

We had a minor setback yesterday and had to reset, but back on track today. Maybe we'll still get to go tank and fish shopping on Sunday.

New Mama (Again) said...

Had another setback on Saturday. Still, I'm keeping hope alive.

New Mama (Again) said...

Since my last update, we've been on the fish tank rollercoaster: one day success, one day failure and every permutation in between without making it three consecutive days.

Tomorrow, we'll either reset or go fish shopping. I'm getting ready to throw in that whale.