Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Next Seven Days

My hubby and I have two beautiful toddlers whom we adore. Like most toddlers, they have an abundance of energy (which I desperately wish I could  bottle), are super inquisitive (ain't no mountain high enough), exceptionally bright (racing through the mall the other day, my three-year old son stopped frequently to point out patterns to his two-year old little sister), but don't understand the word 'NO' unless it's screamed at them (occassionally with a few choice words for good measure).

So for a few months, the DH and I have been toying with the idea of a no-shouting-at-the-kids disciplinary strategy, and only now are we brave enough to implement it. Starting tomorrow, we're aiming for seven straight days of calmly disciplining our kids. Should be interesting with an out of town weekend trip in the mix, immediately followed by three weeks of being spoiled by Grandma.

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TheNaturalNoviceFarmer said...

Hope it goes well & you don't lose your mind in the process!