Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Potty Training Update

Dare I tempt fate and utter the words my son is finally 100% potty trained!? I think I will...MY SON IS FINALLY 100% POTTY TRAINED!!!!!

He did three consecutive woo woos in the potty some time ago, but would still have the occassional I'm-too-lazy-to-be-bothered accident. However, switching almost entirely to cotton underpants have diminished those significantly.

As for his little sister, she's making great progress too. She will happily deposit her wee wees and woo woos in a potty, but is dreadfully afraid of a toilet. My daughter, whose little bff calls her a superhero because of her immense upper body strength, is afraid of an inanimate object which personally brings me so much joy. Who would have thought?

As for me, I can see the end of the diaper-changing tunnel. But the hollers for me to come and wipe my butt are far from over.

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