Friday, October 7, 2011

The Big Bad Wolf

The other night, the DH, kids and I made an evening trip to Lowe's to pick up a few supplies. Since the kids were on their best behavior, we decided to reward them with a leisurely stroll through the Halloween displays. Dracula, ghosts, ghouls, and motion-activated witches and skeletons brought squeals and a little trepidation.

That done, we headed back home to find the freakiest display yet. In the middle of the kitchen floor, the largest and ugliest spider we've ever seen scampered across. After a few girly screams and a request for his shoe, my husband successfully smashed the beast...only to find millions of its little minions pop out.

The next girly scream was mine. My son, who was curious about all the hullabaloo, thought the baby spiders crawling all over the kitchen floor and cabinet was the best sight of the night. Somewhere in there, I tossed the DH the bug spray and the little babies were laid to rest.

After putting the kids to bed, I hit the Net to figure out just what got in to my kitchen. Turns out it was a Wolf Spider. The mothers carry their babies on their backs, so when the DH smashed the spider, the babies didn't pop out. Rather, they jumped off. Still, very unnerving, even more so since we'd spent the previous half hour wondering spooky Halloween displays. Gross.

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TheNaturalNoviceFarmer said...

After that post, I went to that spider site & identified 2 species that have been living in one of my windows all summer long... They're dead now. LOL!