Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Tonight is Halloween, and no matter what your associated religious beliefs, you have to admit it's great being a kid at Halloween.

As we do each year, the DH and I attend several organized events with the kids, but it was our neighborhood door-to-door hunting that was most special for me. I was absolutely amazed at the difference one year makes in the life of a child.

Last year, my daughter made it to three houses before she was ready to call it quits. This year, now two, she hurriedly bagged her goodies and raced to the next house before I could even turn on my heel. Also, her enunciation of "Trick Or Treat" has improved exponentially; no doubt motivated by candy I'm sure.

My three and a half year-old son who was afraid to continue after dark last year (since we normally go around 6pm), raced forward uninhibited, ringing doorbells and yelling "Trick Or Teat" with gusto. Makes a Mom proud. Also this season, when given the choice, he painstakingly searched for Nerds in the pink box because they are "my Dad's favorite candy". Couldn't make his Dad more proud.

Times flies, and I'm definately wondering where this year has gone. I hope my children remember tender moments like these and I pray I can make many more memories with them for decades to come.

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