Friday, October 21, 2011

Zoo Pals

Advertisement is truly a science. When my kids were younger, we stuck with commercial-free Sesame Street DVDs. Now that the kids are older, they get to watch toddler programs on PBS, Disney and Nickelodeon. The learning shows are great in conjunction with at home lessons. Plus, I get tons of ideas to spice up activities at home. One thing I didn't anticipare, that the psychological effect of...the commericals.

I should mention that PBS is not that bad. Their commercials during the toddler programs are for Chuck E. Cheese's, Earth Best organic baby food, etc. But watch out for the other two. The toy commericals alone (especially this time of year) is a natural high for my kids and places an enormous amount of pressure on an otherwise sensible me to buy this crap.

The commerical that has taken our home by storm is Zoo Pals. They are disposable plates (with built-in dipping sections), bowls and cups in animal images by Hefty. By themselves, they're attractive paper products for kids, but with the jingle, they're a must have!

We hear the song almost every morning on tv, my kids and I sing in during the day, and while he won't admit it, the DH is really digging the cool jingle himself.

For months I've resisted the urge to buy these, trying to convince myself that fancy plates will not make kids eat more. It's all a ruse by some Marketing MBA to get a bigger bonus. Right? Yet, every Walmart trip, I seek Zoo Pals out. It's like a magnetic draw. Well this week I fought the draw, and the draw won.

Now I'm obligated to conduct a semi-scientic study at dinner tonight to see if they were worth it. Will let you know how that goes.

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New Mama (Again) said...

The cups are a phenomenal hit at my house. The plates are a little more effective than plain ones. But we sure have fun singing the jingle every time we eat. Can't wait until Safari Zoo Pals come out next month!