Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Nosy, Judgemental Grandmas

Tonight I took the kids to a little buddy's birthday party. Halfway into the party most of the kids disappered into the playroom. I guess I missed the constant tug and pull of little hands because I decided to go check on mine. Just as I banked the corner, I heard Eddie start to wail. He tripped over a toy and wanted to make sure everyone knew. After comforting him, I decided to rejoin the adults.

Midstride, the birthday boy's grandmother stopped me. The conversation went as follows:

Grandmother: Was that your child?
Me: Yes, he...[I was about to tell her he fell but was abruptly cut off.]
Grandmother: What did you do to him? I hope you didn't spank him! [Noticed the run-on sentences?]
Me: No, he just fell over a toy.
Grandmother: Oh, because there will be no spanking tonight.
Me: Oh, ok. [confused and bewildered]

It didn't occur to me until after I walked off that she was scolding me because she thought I spanked MY son. Not that it's any of her business, but I do spank my kids on their hands as a last resort. I don't go around telling people who don't believe in spanking that what their misbehaved kid needs is a spank. I'm not even sure how she thought it was her business to get involved if I did.

Ultimately every parent has to decide the best course of discipline for their child. And yes, some of us will decide to spank. If the child is not being harmed (e.g violent beatings) we should respect other parents' decisions and butt out.

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