Monday, August 29, 2011

Yo Mama's So Old.....

This morning my three-year old son asked how old I was. Feeling a little vain (and afraid he would add 10 years like he does to his Dad's age), I answered 21. Naturally he asked how old 21 meant. So we counted from one to 21. Then he replied...

"Wow, that's so far away Mom, that's in outer space!".

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Toddler Conversation

This morning at breakfast, I overheard my three-year old son and two-year old daughter having the following heated discussion:

Son:        I'm the boss!
Daugher: No, I'm the boss!
Son:        You can't be the boss, you're just a girl!!!

I swear, some things are just ingrained in DNA.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mi Familia Part Two

It's nearly the end of summer, which means in-law season is winding down.

My Mom left yesterday and I miss her already. She spent three weeks spoiling everyone, especially the kids. (Yeah, they got their fish tank. And no, my son is not putting all his woo-woos in the potty. But there has been a much improvement. Guess that's why they got goldfish and a Cory catfish instead of a Clown fish and a Blue Tang fish.

We did all the usual grandma stuff like reading, crafts, etc. But this time, we took the kids out a lot more. We visited The MOOseum, The Florida Gulfarium where the kids got to see dolphins (their favorite) again, and Chuck E. Cheese's. It's amazing how quickly my kids grasped the concept of equality when it was time to distribute tokens. You should have seen my two and three-year olds arguing over who had more coins.

Somewhere in between there, we had my daughter's two-year old birthday party with a Dora theme of course. I was really happy it was so successful. A lot of her school and other friends came, and I got some super tips on decorating and food online. Who knew there were so many Moms online blogging about birthday parties?!? This year, I decided to make her birthday cake and surprised myself. I found a picture of one I liked, and went to town with icing and food coloring. Yay me! I really have to thank my Mom for coralling the kids so that I could cook and bake and decorate. Wish I could fly her in right before all our parties. lol!

The model:

My masterpiece sans #2 candle:

The DH and I take advantage of my Mom visiting to have a little getaway for the two of us. This year, because of time and budget constraints, we were limited to a one-night stay in a nearby city, but had a lovely time nontheless.

Now she's gone and I have to get back in to the swing of things again. If all goes according to plan, my Dad will be here in a couple of months. Yay! I can defer cooking and ironing again to get some real work done like organizing the garage and having a much needed yard sale. Bugger.

Monday, August 8, 2011

When Your Children Are Hurting...

Two scary things have happened in two weeks:

1. We knew my nearly two-year old daughter had an intolerance for eggs. But apparently it's progressed into a full-blown allergy. Between 6-9 months, we introduced her to scrambled egg yolks, then scrambled egg whites. She would vomit within the hour, but was otherwise unaffected. We laid off the breakfast eggs, and were just thankful that she takes the flu shot fine and can eat baked goodies with eggs fine. But two Saturdays ago, she dipped her toast into the tiniest piece of my husband's sunny-side-up eggs and immediately broke out in hives, face swole up and was aggressively scratching at her throat. Due to some quick thinking, we administed 1/2 teaspoon of Benadryl and raced her to the doctor. Slowly, we noticed the symptoms disappearing while we waited. By the time she saw the doctor, she was back to normal. The doc told us to give her another 1/2 teaspoon of Benadryl and keep her cool, but he thought she would be fine. We're going to talk to her pediatrician about a food allergy test at her two-year old check-up in a few weeks.

2. Thursday night, the DH and I head to well-deserved party while my Mom kept the kids. We're there maybe 20 minutes when the phone rings and my Mom's screaming for us to come home. My 3 1/2 year old son was watching Shark Week with my Mom, raced to get a toy during the commerical and tripped and fell, busting his bottom lip in half on his way back. We spent most of the night in the ER where he had to get 8 stitches. It was horrible. The doctor and nurses essentially tied him up and pinned him down in order to sew him up. Broke my heart. The DH and I tried our best to talk to him and keep him occupied, but he wasn't buying it. Four days later, it's healing well and he doesn't remember anything about the ER.

Two scary moments. I'm so thankful my kids are ok.

Day 7

So after one week, what's the conclusion? I felt that focusing on telling the kids what they did wrong rather than shouting was beneficial. It's easy to go into an emotional shouting reaction when children do something wrong, even if you feel they should know better. I think it's probably more productive not to shout at them.
We can discipline in other ways, and we certainly still use time outs, but in a calm, focused matter.
I don't know if it really works, but just not having to shout feels better. I think part of why I like not shouting is because our kids have different personalities and shouting at one affects the other also, unnecessarily.