Monday, March 19, 2012

Challenging themselves, each other and myself

I've made some cool Mom discoveries over the last few weeks. First, my son will happily eat squishy fruit (e.g. berries and melon)...if they're incorporated into pancakes or cupcakes. This is incredible progress for my picky eater, and while not ideal, I'm pleased he's finally taking baby steps.

After much prompting, and lessons from her older brother and myself, my two and a half year old daugher is successfully peddling her tricycle. I can hardly believe how quickly she is growing and developing before my eyes. There is an urgency to keep up with her older brother and she's meeting the challenge head on.

I am learning to trust my creative abilities for the sake of my children. Realizing I had 24 hours to come up with costumes for Dr. Seuss Day at preschool, I had severely limited options; drive an hour to pay $40 for two t-shirts or make them myself for about $11. I chose the latter and they came out great.

I am applying my new found confidence to the food and decor for my son's upcoming 4th birthday party. Pictures to follow soon.

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