Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Disney Live

My family and I live in rural Alabama. This is challenging at times, but we are very grateful to be close to a larger city like Montgomery so that we may attend events like Disney Live at the Montgomery Performing Arts Center in order to expose our children to the finer points of city living.

Below is a picture summary of Snow White (my daughter's favorite), Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast:

You could not wipe the smile of my nearly three-year old daughter's face. Dressed in her Snow White costume [I thought I was original in this, but there were hundreds of other little girls dressed as one of the three princesses], she was truly on toddler cloud nine. My son enjoyed the first two stories, but grew restless during the third. I guess there weren't sufficient manly parts to keep him satisfied. Still, it was a terrific family outing, which I'm sure we'll do again soon.

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