Monday, April 30, 2012

An Unexpected Compliment

To get my rambunctious tots out of the house (and stop them from driving me insane with their constant power struggles), we spent the latter part of this morning at the local library working on puzzles. At some point I noticed a man walk in and head toward one of the back displays. (In hindsight, I realize he must have been there for some time, apparently observing us.) As we were wrapping up, he came over to compliment the children on their abilities (couldn't believe they were only four and two) and me for my teaching skills. He then asked about my educational background to determine if I would be eligible to teach kindergarten. Some compliment huh! Especially once he introduced himself as the Principal of the elementary school!

While not necessary, it's certainly nice to get independent confirmation that I'm doing something right. It negates the questions that pop up when I feel like I've literally spent the day breaking up fights and arbitrating for toddlers. I love my kids sincerely. Some days they are a handful and they need waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more structure than other days. But it seems their intellectual abilities exceed expectations and it feels damned great that my investment in them have a little to do with it.

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