Friday, May 11, 2012

Class Parties

As I write this, I'm brainstorming ideas for my two-year old daughter's preschool class end-of-year party. I'll admit I'm not the biggest fan of hosting class parties; I'm pretty low key and am often overshadowed by Pinterest-addicted Moms who seem to plan these parties years in advance. But, it's strongly suggested that Moms sign on for at least one party a year (and there are many), so here we go again.

I'm leaning toward a picnic vibe, with maybe an Americana feel. Think red and white check tablecloths and blue plates. And that's where I get stuck. Centerpieces are not my strong suit and I literally cannot come up with anything other than beach balls. And I know this is a terrible idea. Picture nine two-year olds tossing beach balls around and running amuck. I prefer not to jeopardize next year's prepaid registration fees.

Then there's the issue of food. One year, I went the extra effort to make homemade everything, only to have the kids - fresh from gym time - ransack the table and not eat a single bite of anything. I was not amused. As for healthy snacks, typically fresh fruit and other healthy snacks are ignored. Cupcakes, chips and candy are the big winners, but I always feel guilty for supplying only these. Do I soothe my conscience by buying healthy snacks that will be examined, sneezed on, tossed around then thrown away, or do I save that money and go straight to the junk? Hmmmmmmm.

As for drinks, I am a sip-up gal. Yes, the pretty pitchers and monogrammed cups are to die for, but it's a toddler class party, not a baby shower! Besides, I don't have the time to make those if I wanted to. (I suppose I would in the time it takes to prepare this blog entry, but then I'd have no outlet to vent.)

So here we blog post later and still no clarification on the task at hand. What I do know is that I could lay a plastic garbage bag over the table, serve fingerpaint and Kool-aid, and the kids will have an undoubtedly grand time. They don't care about a theme, decor or pictures like their Moms. So I am not going to obsess and just do what I think is appropriate for the kids and myself. Then I'm going to come back home and figure out what to do with my munchkins for the next three months!!! Wish me luck. :)

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