Friday, February 27, 2015

Invitation Rumination

With Stinky Markinky's birthday party coming up, I've been thinking about who to invite. In preschool, with a manageable number of about 10 kids, parents invited the whole class. Now that Stinky is in first grade with 18 other kids, the decision is less obvious.


1. People in lower Alabama do not RSVP. It irritates me to no end. Especially if I'm paying per child and don't know how many kids to account for.

2. Foks 'round here pick and choose whose parties to attend even if the children in question are best school buds. As we are immigrant implants here, our parties (albeit tastefully done and fun-filled) do not rank among "the parties to attend." So of course when Jim Bob doesn't show up, Stinky is going to notice and ask why his buddy didn't make it.

3. Stinky's birthday falls right before Spring Break when families are itching to get out of town. Two families we planned to invite and knew would attend already told me they are going to be out of town because of family commitments.

Should I be the bigger person and invite the whole class knowing full well what I'm up against or pick and choose a small bunch and have a great time anyway? It's a harder decision than you think and obviously a problem only those in the first world would understand. #firstworldproblems #sarcasm

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