Monday, March 16, 2015


Last week, the DH had a conference in Atlanta. The kids and I drove down Friday night to spend the weekend with him, as well as attend a friend's birthday party. We had some free time Saturday morning, and spying Skyview from our hotel room, we set out to enjoy the 20-story Ferris wheel ride.

I am desperately afraid of heights, but often find that my children bring out my courage. I even opened my eyes for the last two rotations. Go Mom!

Later we rode the tram for the complete loop. The novelty wore off after about the fourth stop, but we did get to see many of the 100,000 daffodils planted last year, along with green fountains for St. Patrick's Day.

Saturday evening we enjoyed a 50th Mardi Gras birthday party. Yes, many of us pointed out that Mardi Gras is held before Ash Wednesday, and no there was not a King Cake, but we did have this:

On Sunday, we spent the morning shopping for Blinky McStinky's big girl room. After several stops and as many style changes, this is the bedding we finally purchased, sans the multiple pillows:

We could not find coordinating curtains, so that task remains unresolved. I would love any suggestions you have!

Overall it was a fun weekend. We did something new, got to spend quality time with great friends and made great progress on Blinky's room.

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