Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Last week on facebook, I noticed a teacher posted there are only 35 days left in the school year. A host of other teachers commented about how much they are looking forward to summer break. Well, I have news for these overstressed an overstressed Mom I am also looking forward to summer break.
Mornings in our house are complete and utter PANDEMONIUM! Between homework and extra-curricular activities for a seven year-old boy and five year-old girl, we have some pretty late evenings. Getting the kids up in the mornings is next to impossible. Then there's encouraging them to shovel their breakfast in (extra points if its not one of their favorites), pack lunches, let the dog out, get ourselves dressed, get the kids dressed and get in the car early enough to have Stinky Marinky in class at 7:40!!! By the time I get to work (not sure about the DH), I feel like I've run a marathon, been hit by a truck, or both. So for me, summer break means not having to rush about to be somewhere at a ridiculously early time. I can actually sit and enjoy breakfast with my kids without having to yell at them, and let the kids ride their bikes in the evening instead of playing taxi.
31 school days left.

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