Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Blinky McStinky's Big Girl Room

Last week while we were in New Orleans, we had some painting done in various rooms in the house. For years, I've wanted vertical stripes in Blinky's room and this was my opportunity.

While she had a big girl bed, the room was a hodge podge of bargain purchases and the same wall color that the builder put in every other room when we first bought the house eight years ago. Here is the before picture:


With the walls done, now I'm on a mission to find artwork to connect the pink and orange color scheme. The dresser which I hand painted when we set up her nursery, will have to be refinished. Finally, I am hoping to find new white curtains with a subtle pink and orange accent to complete the room. But for now, here is our work in progress:

Blinky and I love it!

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