Friday, August 28, 2015

Fun With Language Barriers

As my son is studying the solar system this week, it reminded me of a conversation he had with my MIL and me a few months ago.

Stinky:            "Mommy, are you a virgin?"
Me:                 "Pardon me?"
Stinky:            "Are you a virgin?"
Me:                 "Where did you hear that word?"
Stinky:            "From Oma."
Me:                 [blank stare]
Oma:              "You're a virgin."
Me:                 [bigger blank stare while thinking just where the hell is this going]
Oma:              "You know, DH and Blinky are Leos and you're a Virgin."
Me:                  As understanding kicks in, "Do you mean Virgo?"
Oma:             "Yes, Virgo!"

English is not my MIL's first language.

Me:                "Stinky, please don't go to school saying that word. Oma meant Virgo.
                        Yes, my sign is Virgo."
Stinky:           "Well what's a virgin?"
Me:                [face palm]

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