Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Mary Poppins Pool Party

My daughter turns six in a few weeks and decided she would like a Mary Poppins Pool Party. O.K.

So I started "pinning" a few weeks ago and thus far have decided on a cake design, created the invite, thank you cards, food labels and artwork for the table.

This is the cake we wanted:

 But since the baker does not have the dress mold, here is the cake we are getting:

Added bonus, the cake we ordered is about half the price of the cake we wanted. 
The invite was an easy cut and paste. From this:
To this:

I actually like my curly font better.
The thank you cards and food labels were super easy. I "Googled" a combination of Mary Poppins Birthday and circus birthday (for the red and white stripes), found a few images I liked, copied, added text and printed them on cardstock. If you can picture it, the thank you cards and food labels will fold over, hence the empty space at the top.

The double-sided frames came from Party City. I found a few images on Pinterest, printed them on regular white paper and inserted them. One for each of the tables.

Cake and location included, this was a fairly inexpensive party. Because it's not a very popular theme, most of the items I had to make myself. I spent a few scattered hours but am very pleased with the end result. I'm sure my darling little girl will have a thoroughly, enjoyable time.

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