Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Battle Weary

Last weekend, Stinky Marinky and his cub scout group spent the night at the USS Alabama in Mobile. BEST.TRIP.EVER. But my little cub came home with a super dose of gastroenteritis. Its been a long few days.

I think we're finally at the end. However, we are not without our battle scars. Poor thing is only as big as a minute so the diarrhea and occasional vomiting has taken its toll. Today is the third day of school that Stinky has missed which means there will be a lot of catch up when he goes back. While the last two nights have been restful, the previous two sleepless nights still have the DH and I exhausted. As I'm employed part-time, I can't draw from vacation / sick days to cover the time I missed at work. And poor Blinky McStinky, who has been fine until this morning, is growing wearing of not having Mommy and Daddy's attention.

Still, things could be worse so I have to remind myself to be thankful about that. Hopefully tomorrow will being health and wealth and happiness.

On a side note, please be reminded of these behaviors that can help prevent you from getting sick and curb the spread of such illnesses:

  • Wash your hands regularly, especially before eating and being in crowded places or among sick individuals.
  • Keep dirty fingers out of your mouth, eye and nose. (I wish Stinky had remembered this one!)
  • Get sufficient rest every night.
  • And for goodness sakes, get your flu shot! (FYI, totally unrelated to stomach flu.)

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