Friday, October 9, 2015

Love Notes in First Grade?

I think I was in 6th grade when I received my first love note. I corrected the typos in a red pen and promptly gave it back.

Yesterday Blinky informed me that a little boy in her class gave her a love note. Now she has had little boys in preschool pick flowers for her from the playground, which was more about the boys outdoing each other. She has also had boys at tennis intentionally miss a shot so she could get the point. That was cute. But this note was well thought out, very well drawn and emblazoned with the words, "I Love You Blinky!" What do first grade boys understand about love???

Much to my consternation, Blinky was a little too excited. I tried to explain to her that first grade is way to young to be worried about "liking boys" then enlisted my Mom to drive the point home. Upon hearing the commotion, Stinky ran over to get a look at the note. He absorbed it for a few minutes, commented that the kid misspelled "from" and went back to throwing his football. My boy.

Why are kids so fresh here in America? When I was in first grade, I thought all boys were gross and from another planet. Maybe I need to let Blinky listen to the First Lady's speech a lot earlier than I thought because I agree, "There is no boy, at this age, that is cute enough or interesting enough to stop you from getting your education." Amen to that!

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