Thursday, October 8, 2015

When Problems Work Themselves Out

Children are so different. Stinky goes on and on about his day but with Blinky, extracting information is like extracting teeth.

She's had a spell of  clip downs on her behavior chart for miscellaneous things. We're talking about it one afternoon and I ask her about the best part of her day. She answers, "lunch." Really, lunch? So of course I need to understand why. After several hours of gentle prodding its because she thinks her teacher is too strict. Hence the clip downs. Fair enough.

Last Friday, said teacher called out sick and Blinky's class was divvied up among the other first grade classes. Again, we're talking about her day and Blinky remarks, "Mrs. Sub-for-the-Day is the meanest teacher. I'm so glad I'm not in HER class! And I thought Mrs. X was bad!" Since then, we've not had any clip down issues.

Well, that problem worked itself out nicely.

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