Monday, November 9, 2015

Quote of the Week

Last Thursday, six year old Blinky decided it would be a good idea to crawl on the canvas covering over her swing set to dust off the sand she poured on it a few days earlier. As you can guess, her 55 lbs were too heavy for the covering and she fell through bruising her little body in an almost perfect straight line from thigh to forehead. It was not pretty. Thankfully it was all superficial.

The next morning, I gave Blinky's teacher a courtesy call to let her know what happened and that we would be checking Blinky out early as we were headed to the beach. (We were supposed to go for Fall Break but one kid was recovering from a stomach bug and one had just caught it.) Anyway, one of our rules for long drives is no TV for the first hour. That means we talk. I decided it was a good time to ask Blinky about her day.

Me: "Blinky, did Mrs. X ask what happened?"
Blinky: "Yes ma'am."
Me: "So what did you tell her."
Blinky: "I told her I fell through the roof while sweeping the porch."

OMG what???

DH: "Maybe you should ask your mom to watch the kids while we're in prison." [Stifled Laugh]

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