Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Things I Do for My Children

When the Elf on the Shelf frenzy hit a few years ago, I swore never to be one of those mamas indulging their children in yet another fairy tale. I laughed at the facebook posts about overworked and overstressed mamas who forgot to move the elf the night before. Life. Was. Simple.

Then last school year, Stinky's first grade teacher got a classroom elf and the pleading began. The DH and I held fast to our no and felt good about it. This school year, Blinky's first grade teacher got a classroom elf. Apparently its a lot harder to say no to two kids instead of one. The DH and I started to crack.

Yesterday, we finally talked about it. The DH's case was to let the kids have it since this is probably the last year they'll buy into such fairy tales. The way I looked at it, our kids don't ask for much. Sure, every now and again we do something to remind them that not every family around the world lives like we do here in America, and that blessings are not guaranteed, but a little magic once and a while is ok. (Especially for a seven and a half year old who last Christmas thought he was too big to believe in Santa.)

So last night, we received our very own package from the North Pole.

The kids' reactions were priceless! They turned beet red and began jumping up and down yelling, "WE GOT AN ELF!!!!!" They already knew all the rules (which the DH and I had to learn from the enclosed storybook) which includes no touching the elf. (Great foresight author lady!) And named her Odette.

To my pleasant surprise, they behaved remarkably well during homework and bedtime prep. We even got Stinky to take a shower without a fuss! Awesome sauce!

Finally, the DH and I staged Odette after the kids went to bed. We came up with a hot cocoa bath complete with mini marshmallows.

The kids loved finding her this morning. After a few inquiries at work today, I learnt that Odette will have to move several times a day, but especially every night which is when she reports to the North Pole to report on the kids to Santa. Let the madness begin.

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