Friday, February 27, 2015

Invitation Rumination

With Stinky Markinky's birthday party coming up, I've been thinking about who to invite. In preschool, with a manageable number of about 10 kids, parents invited the whole class. Now that Stinky is in first grade with 18 other kids, the decision is less obvious.


1. People in lower Alabama do not RSVP. It irritates me to no end. Especially if I'm paying per child and don't know how many kids to account for.

2. Foks 'round here pick and choose whose parties to attend even if the children in question are best school buds. As we are immigrant implants here, our parties (albeit tastefully done and fun-filled) do not rank among "the parties to attend." So of course when Jim Bob doesn't show up, Stinky is going to notice and ask why his buddy didn't make it.

3. Stinky's birthday falls right before Spring Break when families are itching to get out of town. Two families we planned to invite and knew would attend already told me they are going to be out of town because of family commitments.

Should I be the bigger person and invite the whole class knowing full well what I'm up against or pick and choose a small bunch and have a great time anyway? It's a harder decision than you think and obviously a problem only those in the first world would understand. #firstworldproblems #sarcasm

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Quotes of the Week

Listening to a morning devotional on his radio, Stinky Marinky surmises, "Mom, God wants us to be a blessing to other people, not just to him." That's right son, he does.

One afternoon in the car, Stinky Marinky asked one of his many sports questions that I have absolutely no idea about. Sharp as a tack Blinky McStinky fired back, "I'll just Google it when I get home." She's her Mama's daughter.


Thursday, February 12, 2015

Who's President Now

The other day I overhead the following conversation between my five year old daughter (aka Blinky McStinky) and my almost seven year old son (aka Stinky Marinky):

BM: "I hope the next President is a girl. It's time for a girl to be President."
SM: "No Blinky! What do girl know about protecting the country?" [dead serious face]

Seems we still have some important lessons to teach Stinky.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I can't believe my son is turning 7!

Yes, it has been a while since my last post. There are no excuses really. After going back to work in 2012, combined with being a wife and Mom, blogging simply took a back set. However, I am having such fun planning my son's 7th birthday party with a Wild Kratts theme, I had to make time for a new entry.

My children are avid Wild Kratts fans so this year when I asked Stinky Marinky what kind of party he wanted, it was a pretty fast decision. Of outmost importance to him was the Kratt Brothers actually showing up. I figured the odds of this were pretty slim, but I promised I would try. So I e-mailed the company and actually received this friendly response:

Hi [Mom]!
Thanks for your message!  We’re happy that your children are such big fans of the show!

The Kratt Brothers try to make as many appearances as possible when they’re not making the show.  Due to the limited time window, they tend to perform at venues that can host a large audience, where some form of ticket sales can help offset appearance fees, which are sometimes more substantial than people expect.

Information regarding upcoming performances can be found on our website ( listed under the appearances section.

All the best,
The Wild Kratts Team

Please check-out our website for upcoming live tour dates!

Realizing they toured, I went straight to their 2015 calendar. The closest appearance (3 hours away) was in Atlanta but was already sold out. The next closest appearance is in Orlando (about 8 hours away), is not sold out, but on a weekday. We just can't pull that off right now. Stinky was disappointed but he knows we'll try again next year.

Back to the party planning...I scoured Pinterest for ideas and came up with these nuggets:

The Cake. Already Ordered!

Snake Veggie Tray
Spider Veggie Dip

Snake Sandwich Tray

The last 3 I am going to tackle myself.
I'm still working on the invitation design. As for the location, we chose a local campground that has a zipline course age appropriate for the kids. So excited! I may even try the ziplines myself.
There are still a few weeks left to go but I promise to post pictures of how everything turned out.