Thursday, February 18, 2016

Word of the Day

Last night, seven-year old Stinky had an English assignment where he had to correctly position words as they would be in a dictionary. It was not going well. You see, it wasn't a simple "brother" comes before "cousin" kind of worksheet. They had to alphabetize three letters deep. Stinky just wasn't grasping the notion that "docile" comes before "dopamine."

After turning the house upside down, I found my college dictionary and patiently explained how words were alphabetized all over again. He managed to muddle through the assignment then asked if he could keep looking through the dictionary. "Sure!" Then I went about making dinner and clearing the kitchen counters.

After about 20 minutes, bright-eyed Stinky comes over to explain he finally gets it and gleefully points out "ass." Not only did he understand that "ass" came before "atom" and after "apart" but that the dictionary gave several definitions of "ass" all of which he was happy to read to me.

Funny how that worked itself out ey?

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