Thursday, March 3, 2016

IDK Not Trump Tho 2016

The last few weeks have brought out the worst in people, including myself as I've recently learnt I'm allergic to stupid people. Trump's hateful agenda has given the masses the courage to say things and do things that they may know to be wrong, but do say and do anyway due to a lack of consequences. And perhaps also, or because of, they have the vocal support of their loved ones.

I have been disgusted and disappointed with the attitudes of co-workers and church folk alike, many of whom I thought were friends. You see, the opinions you so vehemently express reflect your hidden thoughts about my marriage, my children and myself. You may not want to admit it, but it does. Aren't we supposed to be moving toward a post-racial era?!? It certainly doesn't seem so. I think Stephen King said it best:

Look, I understand that conservatives are frustrated. Aren't we all when it's not our party in office. But how far is America willing to let the joke go on? Does Trump really embody the qualities the free world wants in its leader? Isn't the fact that he won't denounce the KKK alarming, even if you are white??? Is America willing to take that many steps backward?
Thank God there are still some sensible conservatives out there. Like the man who posted this:
The problem arises though if Trump is made the GOP nominee. Will that sensibility fall if the decision is between Trump and Clinton? Let's pray Romney ensures it never comes to that.
Wake up America!!!

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