Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Laser Tag Combat Party

For Stinky's 8th birthday, we hosted a laser tag combat party. It was two hours of adrenaline pumping fun! So, what went into planning?

Typically I start with the location for the party. We decided on The Battlefield. Its a bit pricey, but it was great fun for kids and grown ups alike. (Not to mention a week's worth of working out!!!) The Battlefield is equipped with two non-operational helicopters that serve as home base (and awesome picture backdrops), a sniper's nest, dug outs, etc. It's a little boy's dream. Here are a few of The Battlefield's shots for clarity.


Next comes the cake. I found this one on Pinterest:

I had my cake lady swap the fondant helicopter with one of Stinky's actual toys (mostly to save money but also because it matched the helicopters on the field) and she came up with this:

I love her!
Then onto invites. I'm not the most creative invite person so I find one I like then recreate it. Again, Pinterest proved to be a valuable resource.
My version:
In the snack area, the d├ęcor was simple: a few army men and helmets I scored at Dollar Tree.
After several scares, the weather cooperated and we had a great time. Stinky couldn't be more thrilled with how everything turned out. I even had a few Dads tell me "BEST PARTY EVER!" on their way out. Total score! Even the DH, who is normally a low-key birthday guy wants one in the fall, but at night. Be sure to keep an eye out for that post. Should be epic!

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