Monday, March 28, 2016

The Easter Story

In my previous post, I mentioned that I planned to make crosses out of twigs with my group for Children's Church like these ones from Lehman Lane.
However, I went with this idea for this Easter booklet from Ministry to Children after realizing that my own two kids had forgotten some of the details of the Easter story from last year. I still plan on making the twig crosses, but will save that for another occasion.

What I liked best about this booklet is that it worked for a group of about 13 kids, with an age range of six years old to 11 years old. I had each child read a page, starting with the younger ones. This kept the older kids engaged as they read along to correct errors and kept them {somewhat} patient while awaiting their turn. The picture on each page represented a part of the story which will hopefully help with recall. The reading took the entire 40 minutes, which was great for me as playtime after Children's Church can get a bit wild. Finally, the kids took their booklets home which I encouraged them to color in their spare time, thereby reinforcing the story.

What I leaned through this process is that the Easter Story, the Christmas story, etc. should be taught more frequently than just on the occasion. It was unreasonable for me to expect Stinky and Blinky to know and remember a story that they only hear once a year. So in a few months when we make the crosses, we'll reference the Easter story accomplishing just that.

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