Friday, March 4, 2016

Wild Kratts

Over President's Day weekend, the fam and I hightailed it to Jacksonville, FL to see Wild Kratts live. It was a bit of a trek, but we missed them last year when they were in Atlanta. And since the kids are HUGE fans (see a recap of Stinky's 7th birthday party theme here), it was worth it to see them on stage before they outgrow their interest.

The event was held at the Florida Theatre which is beautiful. As we headed in, there were several interest booths set up, one of which featured snakes and skulls from the local zoo. Fun!

Pictures and videos were not only allowed, but encouraged, so I was able to capture some really awesome moments from the show.

The on-stage format was similar to that of the show, with the Kratt brothers having to stop an evil villain from endangering animals. However, they would occasionally ask for the kids' help, which was hugely popular. And of course, creature power discs were used to transform Chris and Martin into whatever animal they were depicting.
Stinky and Blinky had a great time! I was so pleased the DH and I were able to pull this off.

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